Beneath the Waves Marine Program HOSTED BY GRAND ISLE RESORT

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Have you ever wondered what you could do to make this world a better place? Why not start with learning how to conserve our oceans? Beneath the Waves and Grand Isle Resort have partnered to give you the experience of a lifetime in the most pristine natural environment known to man, while also giving you the opportunity to support ocean conservation and research. Curated programs have been designed to provide the youngest of enthusiasts, to the more adventurous risk-takers. Join our scientists for a once-in-a-lifetime experience Shark Tagging


2022 Available Dates:

New dates coming soon for 2023!

BTW Dive

Snorkel with A Marine Biologist

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Immerse yourself in some of the most pristine and abundant waters in the Caribbean, and learn about the reefs and marine species living in the Exumas directly from a local marine biologist. You will experience stunning reefs, the world’s largest seagrass meadow, and may even run into a sea turtle. No scuba experience is necessary, but strong swimming skills are a requirement. You will even help researchers collect underwater video data for their long-term research. Trips will be done aboard one of the team’s research vessels, either a 48′ trawling yacht, or a 35′ center console.

Price: $250/pp
(This is A Donation to the Non-Profit Foundation)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Space: 8 people per trip

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Shark Tagging Experience

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Cross this one off your Bucket List because it’s the only non-profit Shark Tagging experience available at any resort. See sharks up close while shadowing a team of marine biologists studying these incredible animals throughout the Exuma Cays. Guests will get hands-on experience and contribute to long-term research being done to protect these animals in The Bahamas. Guests will learn how to safely catch, tag, measure, and release tiger, reef, and nurse sharks. Some sharks will be tagged with electronic transmitters and can be followed for years. Trips will be done aboard one of the team’s research vessels, either a 48′ trawling yacht, or a 35′ center console.

Price: $500/pp
(This is A Donation to the Non-Profit Foundation)
Duration: 4 hours, 9am – 1pm or 12pm – 4pm depending on tides
Space: 6 people per trip

PROUD Host Sponsor

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Grand Isle is proud to be a sponsor of Beneath the Waves and act as home base for all the Exuma expeditions.

Your donation of $250 or $500 is going to a great cause and is tax deductible. With your donation, you are securing your space on one of the expeditions above and helping us make a difference. This once in a lifetime experience is limited to just a few spots on each trip, so make sure you book yours before it’s gone.

If you are already staying at the resort during these dates, fill out the form below and someone from Beneath the Waves will be in touch with you. If you do not have hotel reservations yet, but want to book and room and a trip, make sure you click the button for reservations on your form.

If you can’t get on one of these excursions now, please take this opportunity to support this amazing project. As we continue to support this cause we expect to have more and more scheduled excursions during the year, and with your donations we can make a difference.

NOTE: This is a request, until you have been called or notified of your booked excursion and submitted your donation of $500 through the resort process, please do not consider this a booking. We will do everything we can to accommodate your request and appreciate your willingness to support this cause. Please additionally note that your donation of $500 must be made through the resort in order to place you on the list.