Exuma’s Exotic Encounters

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Prepare to be astounded at the sheer beauty and variety of life here in the Exumas. You will want to see and swim with every creature, many endangered and protected, from pigs to sea turtles and stingrays on our exclusively Exuma encounters. And with just a handful of opportunities to participate, you can choose to protect our waters as a member of the “Beneath the Waves” shark tagging expedition.

Set your sights

For an adventure of a lifetime, take a tour of the Exuma Cays and experience the abundant beauty and sea creatures along the way. Advanced reservations are required; contact the Concierge for all your excursion reservations.

Swim with Sharks

Swim With Sharks

On Compass Cay, you can actually go swimming with friendly nurse sharks and hundreds of colorful Caribbean reef fish that join you off the dock. Any squeamish members of your group can stay on dry land and pet the sharks from the dinghy dock as they surface to meet their new human friends.


Feed The Stingrays

If you’ve never heard of pet stingrays, you certainly will after a trip to the Chat ‘n’ Chill on nearby Stocking Island, an island eatery famous with locals and yachters alike. Offer the stingrays their favorite treat and these gentle giants will glide right across your hand.

Swimming With Pigs

No visit is complete until you’ve taken a swim with Exuma’s world-famous swimming pigs. An experience you will never forget, our friendly swimming swine will even follow you out to your boat. Don’t be alarmed if they swim too close; they’re just looking for love (and maybe a bite of your lunch).

Iguana Encounters

Love lizards? You’ll love Exuma, where endangered Northern Bahamian Rock iguanas sunbathes and socialize on Leaf Cay in the Allan’s Cays. See them on an organized boat trip with a commercial operator. Bring a lettuce leaf or two; these charmers love to nibble.

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle Excursion

These ancient reptiles live most of their lives in the water. In Exuma’s crystal blue waters you’ll swim with these majestic sea turtles and come to appreciate the beauty of their streamlined shells and agile stroke of their flippers. Sea turtles don’t hide in their shells, so some return appraisal may be the highlight of your encounter.

Exotic Encounters

Reservations Required:
Excursions require reservations in advance. Please fill out the Concierge form to reserve your excursion.

More Options

Searching for a different adventure?

Adventures by Sea

Adventures by Sea

Great Exuma is home to some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs. Explore dozens of pristine snorkel spots around the island and the surrounding cays or set your sights on the shallow underwater trails accessible from the resort’s white-sand beach. Complimentary snorkeling gear is available for guests.

Soothing Pathways

Soothing Pathways

Whether you’re in search of bathing beauties (Sports Illustrated shot here recently) or sand dollars, Great Exuma’s beaches are breathtakingly beautiful. Just a short walk from Grand Isle Resort, the family-friendly Coco Plum Beach is a low-tide favorite for shelling.