GRAND ISLE RESORT & SPA Would You Go On A Shark Tagging Adventure?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see what shark research and tagging is all about “live” and not on TV? Well now is your chance to not only participate in one of the most exciting and exhilarating adventures, but to also take part in protecting sharks and preserving the future of our beautiful oceans.

Next Scheduled Trips out of Exuma: Feb 22 & 23, 2020

If you want to help us, please make any donation you can, it all helps.

Shark Tagging


Begin Your Adventure

Begin your adventure as you depart the luxurious Grand Isle Resort, and embark on your search to find Tiger, Reef, Hammerhead, and Nurse sharks. As you board your vessel accompanied by world-renowned marine biologists from the NGO Beneath the Waves, you will see why the waters of Exuma and the Bahamas are worth protecting. As part of the research team, you will search for, catch, tag, and release sharks in the various hotspots of the Exumas.


Taking A Stand

Grand Isle is proud to be a sponsor of Beneath the Waves as they embark on this exciting yet important expedition, and we are proud to offer our guests the opportunity to share in the experience. With a suggested donation per person, we will be able to secure your space on one of the daily excursions. This once in a lifetime experience is limited to just a few spots on

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each trip. If you are currently staying at the resort or on Exuma island during one of the dates, you may send us an email for open availability. If you want to participate, but you don’t have a room at Grand Isle yet, give the resort a call and ask about booking a Shark Tagging Trip including your stay.


Join in on a unique opportunity to conserve our oceans and encounter this fascinating experience in such an exotic and memorable destination here, on Great Exuma’s Grand Isle Resort and Spa. We want to add you to the Shark Tagging list. You will only receive emails about shark tagging events and will not be solicited for any other offers.

Excursion Details


  • Experience sharks close from the safety of a boat with the supervision and expertise of our marine biologists
  • Participate in real-world, hands-on shark research with leading marine biologists. Be as hands-on as you want or just watch and learn, it’s up to you
  • Help collect scientific data from sharks that will help ongoing conservation projects. From measurements to small tissue samples, all data will contribute to long-term projects aimed to evaluate shark health and behavior in the Bahamas.
  • Tag sharks with satellite tags and tracking devices that will allow us to monitor their movements
    in real time for up to one year after the experience.
  • Learn why this research is so important, from personal one on one interactions with shark experts.
  • Your donation helps support this research and includes snacks and drinks on board.

What do I need to bring on the boat?

While we usually have most of your needs on the boat, it is always good to bring your own sunscreen, towels and a change of clothes. You will be able to go swimming in certain spots.

Do I need to bring any water or snacks?

We have some snacks on board and some water on board. So if you need something specific like a soda, or chips etc, you are welcome to bring your own. We try to bring enough, but tagging does make you hungry.

What if I get sea sick, is it rough?

If we could predict the weather…at any rate, there are days that are rougher than others. When the weather is rough, we will run up to locations where we know we can get inside protected waters, and it’s not too bad. But during our run to the grounds, we can encounter some bouncy seas, so if you tend to get sea sick, make sure you take some medicine the night before, and one right before you get on the boat.

Why do I have to donate to Beneath The Waves foundation?

Because these expeditions are not cheap.  There are costs involved with the boat, the fuel, the equipment, the staff, and so on. Your donation is to help support the foundation, and we are allowing you to come on board not as a payment, but so that you will be able to experience the level of commitment we have to this amazing mission.

Can I stay at Grand Isle Resort?

Absolutely. The resort is where we stay, and it has all the amenities you could ever want. You can spend your day on the boat with us, and the next day at the pool or beach having a vacation. The resort does have special pricing for anyone participating in the excursion, just call them or mention it in your comments when you request your date.

Can you try to do more so I can join one?

We are trying. With our partner Grand Isle Resort, we are working on developing an 8-month continued program that will go out at least 4 times per week (weather permitting and equipment operations). This will allow much more participation as well as the ability to continue and grow the foundation on Exuma. As we have more donations and more participation, we will keep adding on dates.

What should I wear?

For the trip out you can just wear casual boat clothes that you feel comfortable in. There will be plenty of sun, so if you want to be in your bathing suit all day, no problem. We will be stopping in spot to do a quick jump in the water and refresh so bring a suit.

Does any of this hurt the sharks?

NO. We do everything humanly possible to bring the shark to the boat, and to get all of our data as quickly as possible. During our collection, we do make incisions on the sharks, but we leave them in perfectly good health. During some of our excursions we will catch previously tagged sharks, and on these specimens we are able to see that what we do heals perfectly.

Will my kids be safe?

We have had kids on board as young as 8. The exciting part about having young kids is their reactions and facial expressions as they are participating. As long as they are well behaved and take direction, they will be perfectly fine. Our team of scientist are excited to share their knowledge with the next generation, so we take special care of our young ones.

Does Grand Isle Resort get a commission?

No. Grand Isle is one of our amazing sponsors. They not only provide us with a place to stay during our excursions, but they are also committed to making this a successful program year-round. This is one of the reasons your donation is made directly to the foundation website.

Why is there no dates on the website for the next excursion?

These things take time and planning. We try to do these excursions as much as we possibly can, but often we are at the mercy of a boat that we can use. So as we are trying to schedule the next event, it is dependent on the availability of a boat. So if you have a boat and want to donate a couple of weeks to us, let us know. Other than that, as soon as we have a commitment, we start planning and update the website.

Excursion Details

Registration currently unavailable.  Please check back soon for next scheduled trips.


If you can’t get on one of these excursions now, please take this opportunity to support this amazing project. As we continue to support this cause we expect to have more and more scheduled excursions during the year, and with your donations we can make a difference.

NOTE: This is a request, until you have been called or notified of your booked excursion and submitted your donation through the resort process, please do not consider this a booking. We will do everything we can to accommodate your request and appreciate your willingness to support this cause. Please additionally note that your donation must be made through the resort in order to place you on the list.

DECEMBER 3rd is Giving Tuesday

If you want to help us, please make any donation you can, it all helps.