Beautiful Birds Bring the Birders

They say birds of a feather flock together — but that can also be said for birders that flock to the secluded islands of the Exuma’s for an exclusive peak at a unique beak. Many diehard birders make the journey to the Caribbean to get in their tropical bird fix! Because of the different elements of the island, unique varieties of birds have made this tropical oasis their place of residence. Sneak over to the fresh water ponds, tidal flats and cays to see an impressive array of feathers, wings and talons.

The reason so many different birds make their way down south is because of the warm weather and plentiful food. Tidal flats and water ponds are a breading ground of tiny organisms that are easy for these sweet tiny birds to pluck and digest. If you can’t get enough of our friends with feathers stop by our concierge desk and schedule a tour today!