Conch Salad is the Heart of the Bahamas

With spring closing in on us at full force, there is flavor we cannot shake — and that’s the craving for fresh conch salad! One thing that is for sure in the Bahamas is that seafood is king — and with that comes hand-plucked conch meat. Conch Salad is a delicate dish that has been around the Bahamas since the beginning of time. Fresh meaty conch pieces, followed with onions, peppers and tomatoes, generously drenched in lime juice — some kick it up a notch with a hint of ghost peppers.

Stop by Big D’s Conch Spot, Chat n’ Chill or any of the street vendors for a taste of the island that you won’t soon forget. This iconic dish is one that visitors keep coming back for year after year. It refreshing complex has us drooling over the keyboard — pick a spot and post up with your salad and the sea breeze here at Grand Isle Resort.