Fish Along the Shore in the Exumas

You don’t need your long game to score a few fish out on the ocean — stick to the reefs and backwaters to have a successful day of catch n’ release fun. In the colder months, such as January and February, you can expect to see larger fish such as blue marlins, sailfish, and dolphin; but in the early months of autumn, shallow water fish are much more fruitful and fun to catch. Hang out by the mangroves to pickup a bonefish or two, or creep above the coral and try to score a snapper or grouper — a perfect dinner catch. Fall is just the beginning of the busy season down here in the Exumas, so you can expect it to be much less crowded than in the winter months. With sunny skies, breezy weather, and a lot less competitors, it’s easy to say that the fish should be plentiful in October.