Get a Glimpse of the Goombay Smash

What is it about secrets that make us tick? Is it the longing? Maybe it is the exclusivity. Whatever the case may be, secrets have kept humans interested since the dawn of time. If you ask any Bahamian, what one of the best kept secrets of the islands are, they will probably say ‘Miss Emily’s Goombay Smash Recipe.’

The Goombay Smash is a product of the Bahamas and hasn’t traveled too much further than the islands that it was created on. This tropical blend of fruit juices and varieties of rum is a punch indeed. While Miss Emily’s family has kept a tight lid on the recipe for decades, similar concoctions have popped up around South Florida and the surrounding islands. This cocktail is not just any punch, beware of the brandy lurking below the surface, some say it’s the Long Island of rum drinks. Pop in to any restaurant while in the Exumas to try the drink that is still considered an island local.