Keep the Exumas’ Coastlines Clear

As the summer months come to a close and the ocean water begins to cool down, it is time we take a day out of our month to appreciate the big beautiful blue. On Saturday, September 16th you can expect to see a larger amount of people on the coastline than normal — International Coastal Cleanup day will be in full swing by the early hours of the morning.

The International Coastal Cleanup event is put on by the Ocean Conservatory each year, which has been in operation since 1972. Starting out as a Whale Conservatory program, the organization later switched to a greater cause of protecting and educating individuals about our oceans.  Last year over 8000 pounds of trash were removed from the coastline and the Exuma’s intend to participate in the world wide clean-up again this year. If you see a coastline crew combing the beach be sure to say hello and and thank them for the clear blue water you see today!