Secluded, Except for the Sand Dollars

Chances are, you’re on Grand Exuma at least in part because you want to explore the world-famous beaches. However, not every beach is the same. For a shore that’s a little more secluded and yet full of life, take a trip to Coco Plum Beach. Before planning your visit, check for low tide—it will be well worth it. As the ocean moves out, it exposes sandbars and shallows where you can find sand dollars and conches, as well as see sting rays and starfish. It’s best to leave the local shells and wildlife where you find them, but taking pictures with them is a great way to keep a souvenir of the experience. This is a low-key trip to the beach that can help you relax and unwind, and because this beach is right on Great Exuma, it’ll be easy to return to the Grand Isle Resort when you feel ready to wash off the sand and continue on to your next island adventure.