Soak Up the Sun and Dine By Your Room

You’ve been playing in the sun all day, you went fishing, swimming, sunning, and everything else that involves the sweet kiss of the suns rays. You head back to your room a few hours before dusk for a quick rinse and an afternoon nap. There is nothing quite like that nap, the one that comes after a salty day by the sea. It’s time to get ready for dinner, but after such a glorious day you don’t want to trek too far — it’s too late for you, the zen has kicked in.

Don’t fear, travel just a pool deck away and find yourself at The Palapa Grill among many other guests that had the same afternoon as you. Palapa Grill is one of the best restaurants on the island and offers a different type of cuisine each night  — unwind and slide back to your room without having to stir up too much sand on your way!