Stalking Stingrays on Stocking Island

Some days are meant for adventure, while you are in the Exuma’s we challenge you to seek out as many as you can! One of our favorite spots is just a skip away on Stocking Island, a quick ferry ride will bring you right to the beach. The energy on Stocking Island is completely electric, full of families and friends playing volleyball and listening to music – but most importantly – feeding stingrays!

The stingrays on Stocking Island live near the beach and are constantly searching for leftover conch and scraps that locals and visitors toss into the ocean for them. These beachside creatures are full of love and are super playful. You can hop right in the water with them to see what they are about, just be sure to do the stingray shuffle along the ocean floor, so you don’t startle them. A photo op might just be necessary!