Take a Tiki Trek on Stocking Island

Plan your entire day around Stocking Island on your next visit to the Exumas. If you know us well, then you know that we have a soft spot in our heart for great Bahamian views and stunning scenery. And we think that you should take a trek on over to Stocking Island to visit our good pals at the Chat’n’Chill. Fill your bellies with fresh conch salad or plan your visit around their infamous Sunday Pig Roast. Get ready to get full and enjoy their friendly seaside service. Once you wrap up your afternoon there and wipe off your paws, set out for a light hike across Stocking Island. Keep an eye out for the trail signs that are in the area. Once you locate the starting point, the hike will bring you right over a hill and straight to the other, more quiet side of the island. Next step, sit quietly and take in the beautiful afternoon that unfolds before you in the Exumas.