The Beat of the Exumas in The Bahamas

Island rhythm is a cross between the sounds of the steel drums and the aroma of fried seafood that encompass the Exumas. If you enjoy local music and heritage, The Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival is not to be missed. You can find this festival in Regatta Park in the city of George Town from March 9th through the 11th. Full of delicious food, traditional music and Bahamian history, the festival will keep patrons of all ages entertained.

Locals get the opportunity to show off their sloop style boats as well as participate in onion peeling and conch cracking competitions. Get lost in the words of local storytellers that will bring you right into a whimsical land of the past. Handmade jewelry and art are also available to purchase as you stroll along the festival. Take the evening to feel the inner workings of the island. It is a feeling unlike any other.