The Exuma Foundation Sloop Sailing

The Bahamas has always been known for its crystal clear water, calm boating conditions and plentiful amounts of fish. A well known tradition of the Bahamian people in the Exumas is wooden sloop sailing. It is now something that is done as a sport, and is featured each year during the island’s Regatta festivities. As the Regatta has progressed so have the boats. Traditionally meant for fishing, many of these boats have now been built to race.

These sloop boats can be seen all along the coast of the island, The Exuma Foundation wanted to preserve their history by supporting the sloop sailing tradition. They now support The Exuma Sailing Club, which sponsors the building and purchasing of class “E” Sail boats for the club. Part of their missions is providing training for junior sailors on the island. The Exuma foundation can be found just a short distance away from the hotel and is always looking for ways to enrich the community for the present day and for generations to come.